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5 Stages Of 'Once Upon A Time' Grief, According To Captain Swan Fans

The shippers are not OK.

Eternal love giveth, but eternal love also taketh away -- especially on "Once Upon a Time," where people are running around literally giving chunks of their hearts to their boyfriends, and/or breaking curses with the power of a True Love's Kiss. It's a lot.

However, even OUaT's precedent for yanking fans' hearts out Regina-style couldn't have prepared fans for what happened on Sunday night's (December 6) episode, "Swan Song" -- because Hook (Colin O'Donoghue) freaking died. And the person on the other end of the blade that ended him (it was Excalibur, because of course it was) was the love of his very long life, Emma (Jennifer Morrison).


So, in other words, that dedicated Captain Swan fandom? Totally not OK. Here are their stages of grief, according to scientific analysis of their Twitter activity: