Ian Spanier

The 9 Greatest 'Jersey Shore' Party Stories EVER

The Garden State-based series practically invented the modern-day bash.

If there’s one television show that took debauchery to a new level, it’s "Jersey Shore": Over six seasons, the series showcased countless shocking shenanigans (plus it introduced us to an entirely different vocabulary and gave us a newfound appreciation for pickles, undershirts and the Jersey Turnpike).

Sadly, the show submitted its final resignation three years ago (*tear*) -- but have no fear: More epic party tales are on tap courtesy of MTV's "Greatest Party Story Ever," which will feature wild anecdotes narrated by everyday Joes and Janes. The show doesn't premiere until January 14 -- so until then, we're looking back at its party-hearty-predecessor. Here's a countdown of our favorite "Jersey Shore" adventures:

  1. The endless dirty, dirty dancing

    Whether it was Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino flashing his rock hard abs on the dance floor, JWOWW Jersey Turnpikin' it or Snooki and Deena twerking (before twerking was a thing, mind you), the casties were rarely hurting for an abundance of moves.

  2. Peeing in public places

    When the party's rockin', who has time to stand in line for the ladies' room? Not JWOWW and Snooki. Remember that time the besties snuck off into a deserted section of Karma and promptly popped a squat behind the bar? It happened.

  3. Vinny embarks on a threesome with two lesbians

    Season 5 of the hit series went out with a bang, thanks to Vinny Guadagnino. The "Jersey Shore" sweetheart not only managed to smush two girls at one time, but he got it on with two lesbians at one time. Well done, Vin!

  4. Deena and Snooki take their friendship to the next level

    Let's be honest, the very public Deena-Snooki hookup during Season 4's Italian run was rather unforgettable — and slightly awkward.

  5. Those meatball arrests

    While we don't condone getting handcuffed, it can sure make for an interesting story. Snooki and Deena can both attest to that after the rambunctious meatballs caused quite the ruckuses (er, rucki?) on the boardwalk during two separate drunken occasions.

  6. MVP take on Miami

    When a night out delves into acronym territory, you know all bets are off. Mike, Vinny and Pauly (dubbed the MVP) took on the Miami club scene only to return home with a group of grenades. The trio and their dates then hit the hot tub to play fetch with a chicken cutlet silicone-like boob insert to the dismay of one lopsided slop-tart.

  7. Snooki meets her future husband

    Back in the summer of 2010, a boozy dance-off at Karma became a smush fest for Nicole and her then-hookup Jionni. She couldn't recall his name at the time, so the guidette settled on a temporary moniker — Bernard. One wedding and two babies later...

  8. Deena's drunken alien sighting

    Aliens on asteroids? Now that's a party story. An inebriated Deena swore up and down she saw an alien at Karma, and the meatball was determined to alert the presses.

  9. Snooki's arrival at the "Jersey Shore" house

    And last (but never least), the fateful day it all began when the cast mates arrived to the shore house in Seaside Heights, and Snooki declared, "Party's here!" It was, needless to say, the party to begin all parties.

+ Which "Jersey Shore" shindig will you never forget? Tell us in the comments, catch the trailer for "Greatest Party Story Ever" below and watch all of the epic bash stories kicking off on January 14 at 10:30/9:30c!