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Ryan Gosling Proved He's Good At Literally Everything On 'Saturday Night Live'

Plus, a cameo from 'SNL' legend Mike Myers!

Ryan Gosling hosted “Saturday Night Live” for the first time last night (December 5th) to promote his upcoming film “The Big Short,” joined by musical guest Leon Bridges. And though Gosling had previously dabbled in sketch comedy in his experiences as a Mouseketeer (alongside “SNL” Five-Timers Club member Justin Timberlake), he had a serious case of the giggles during his “SNL” debut, holding back laughter several times throughout the evening.

Below are the episode's highlights:

  • Gosling, Cecily Strong, and Kate McKinnon told the tales of their alien abductions.

    McKinnon’s performance kept Gosling, Aidy Bryant, and Bobby Moynihan on the verge of breaking down throughout the whole sketch, as she smoked a cigarette and discussed the “40 gray guys” watching her “full Porky Pigging it in the drafty dome.” Sketch of the night.

  • Meeting Third-Hand News Correspondent Angelo Skaggs.

    Bobby Moynihan (as Second-Hand News Correspondent Anthony Crispino) manhandled Colin Jost and introduced us to Gosling-as-Skaggs to tell us about “Star Wars: The Four Jamaicans” and The Dell Dude’s foray into music.

  • Gosling and Vanessa Bayer terrorized a holiday party until they can meet Santa.

    In the short pre-taped sketch “Santa Baby,” the first of two (!) sexually-charged Santa-driven sketches, Gosling and Bayer played a "Pulp Fiction"-slash-"Natural Born Killers"-type couple at a holiday party who want to meet Santa -- and won’t stop until they get what they want.

  • A cameo from “SNL” legend Mike Myers.

    During the opening monologue, Mike Myers appeared to help instill Canadian pride in the Ontario-born Gosling, also taking the time to tap dance.

  • Gosling showed us his moves.

    Gosling’s high school bully (played by Kyle Mooney) forced Gosling to sing and dance in an effort to embarrass him in front of a reporter from GQ, but (surprise!), Gosling’s amazing at everything.

  • Aidy Bryant saw a little Gosling cleavage and loses it.