Watch Tinashe Prove Her True ‘Player’ Status

At Dave and Busters!

Tinashe proved her winning status as she beat off her opponents in the recent video for "Player," her collaboration with Chris Brown. But is she a player in real life?

Yes! Well, an old-school game player, that is. In the video for her latest single, Tinashe enters a video game world and dance-battles her opponents in various rounds. We wanted to go one step further, testing her skills in a real-life gaming environment.

I headed out to Dave and Busters in New York in order to go head-to-head with the R&B star. In between car racing, skee ball and Dance Dance Revolution (which was the moment I realized I have zero rhythm), we discussed Tinashe's upcoming album, Joyride, her favorite dance moves, and her collaboration with Chris.

Tinashe also revealed that she'd like to face off with Chris again (they dance with each other in the video with some “hot and steamy” moves) because she's pretty confident she would win in a dance battle. "Well you know I'm very competitive so I would win... obvs," she humbly stated.

To see Tinashe's competitive side, check out the video!