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This Video Of Daniel Radcliffe Auditioning For 'Harry Potter' Is Actual Magic

Awwww, BB Dan.

There's practically no better pick-me-up to turn your real world-induced frown upside-down (or more like right-side-up?) than revisiting the "Harry Potter" series. The books, movies, Wizarding World, your own imagination -- it really doesn't matter which version of the series you choose because they're all pure potions for happy.

Except when your favorite character dies. That part kinda stinks.

But still! "Harry Potter" = LIFE and everyone knows it.

So, to make the start of this weekend a little brighter, the internet has unearthed the ultimate throwback -- a video of Daniel Radcliffe screen-testing for his eponymous role as the Boy Wizard.

And it hardly needs to be said, but it's completely spellbinding.

Daniel Radcliffe wasn't the only young lad to try out for the mini-mage role, of course. Tom Felton famously attempted to earn his lightning scar back in the day before being cast as Draco Malfoy, but even he had to admit Dan was cut from the wizarding cloth from the very beginning.

He told MTV News in 2011 that DanRad "was always the most excited, the most eager, he had the most fun on set." Confirmed.


Is there a limit on adorable? Because BB Dan might have just maxed out with this video.