This 'Drake & Josh' Reunion Pic Is Making Us Shout 'Pip Pip Da Doodly Do'

The 'Drake & Josh' reunion on 'Grandfathered' is happening right NOW.

Last week, we learned our favorite Nickelodeon duo Drake Bell and Josh Peck would be reunited on our TV screens, and now it's happening. Like, literally right now.

Bell is guest-starring on Peck's new show "Grandfathered," and we simply cannot wait to see these two back together again. Can you believe tomorrow (Dec. 5) will be the seven-year anniversary of "Merry Christmas, Drake & Josh"?! Seven years since we've seen the boys goofing off and getting into various predicaments together.

It's a serious understatement to say we're stoked for the "D&J" reunion, and we're already preparing ourselves for all the sure-to-be hilarious events that'll transpire. As mentioned last week, Bell plays Kirk, a tech investor who meets up with Gerald (Peck) and Vanessa (Christina Milian) to learn about their new app. But, it turns out he's not the most trustworthy guy in the business. However, the whole thing makes me wonder, does Kirk ever have a mop?


Both Bell and Peck took to social media to document their highly-anticipated reunion. Don't mind us, we'll just be over here shouting "pip pip da doodly do" with emphasis (EMPHASIS).

  • For starters, Bell shared a pic of his script.

    "'Drake & Josh' reunion begins!!," captioned Bell. Notice he used two exclamation points, proving this reunion means business. Bell shared this close up shot of his script on Thursday (Dec. 3). The episode is apparently called "The Biter" and we're both excited AF and a tad confused about it.

  • And he also shared this uber adorable pic of his "brotha."

    This is it, people. It's all happening.

  • But if if feels a little strange to see Bell and Peck back together again, you're not alone.

    Peck shared this video of himself looking at Bell, and his reaction at the end is priceless. ?

  • And even better, Bell filmed Peck, and Peck responded with the best comment ever.

    As someone offscreen tries to get Peck's attention away from his phone, the former Nickelodeon star jokingly replies, "Oh, I'm sorry, I'm just getting us a second season." LOL, you're the man, Josh!

While we're losing ourselves right now over this reunion, we're still holding out hope for an official "D&J" reunion, complete with several of the other cast members. Peck, Bell, Allison Scagliotti (Mindy Crenshaw), Alec Medlock (Craig Ramirez) and Scott Halberstadt (Eric Blonowitz) all admitted they're totally down for a reunion.

But until that happens, we'll be anxiously waiting for this particular episode of "Grandfathered" to air. Oh, and if the boys could somehow work this truly ~iconic~ moment into the script, we'd very much appreciate it.