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Hear Rock Versions Of Kanye West's Classic Songs

He is a rockstar after all, right?

Do you remember when Kanye West had this rock star moment?

"We the real rockstars and I'm the biggest of all of them," he told BBC Radio 1 in 2013. "I'm the biggest rock star on the planet."

Well, now Yeezy classics have been mashed up with actual rock music for Kanye Of The Stone Age, a project that blends Ye's work with Queens of the Stone Age songs.

It's a ToToM effort available on Bandcamp and it's full of interesting collisions. “No One Knows,” for example, is mixed with “Power.” While that’s an unlikely mix, it might be one of this project’s biggest highlights. Elsewhere, “Go With The Flow” and “Jesus Walks” are mashed up, giving the College Dropout classic a revamp.

Peep the full project below.