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Friends Forever: Look Back At All Of The Mini 'Hills' Reunions From 2015

Feels like only yesterday the gang was partying at Les Deux.

Nearly a decade (can you believe it?!) ago, "The Hills" followed a group of dramatic unique gals as they navigated romances, careers and friendships and felt the rain on their skin. While their days of clashing about guys ("He's a sucky person!") or making bold declarations ("I want to forgive you, and I want to forget you") are history, the connections forged between some of the cast members has not waned since the cameras stopped rolling in 2010. In fact, during 2015, a bunch of the gang found themselves in the same place at the same time (noo, not at the Hillside Villas) -- and either shared a snapshot on Instagram or were captured by photographers at an event.

In honor of Throwback Thursday -- and 2016 rapidly approaching -- here's a fond look back at all of "The Hills" reunions that took place during the past year. Cue up Natasha Bedingfield's epic track and enjoy the incidents below:

  1. Spencer Pratt disagreements and Doug Reinhardt dating woes are most certainly in the past with these two: The former People's Revolution interns took a chummy snapshot at fellow pal Hannah Skvarla’s baby shower. Seems like only yesterday they were classmates at FIDM...

  2. Mrs. Tell's Big Apple 29th birthday celebration could not have been any more different than her emotional boat bash/tearful embrace with Heidi Montag several years prior. But one guest was present for both shindigs: Fellow "Laguna Beach" alum and bestie Lo. Perhaps they shared a joke about how they came up with the greatest nickname of all time (ahem, Justin Bobby)?

  3. The fellas may not be at Les Deux (memories), but they appear to be as tight as they were during their televised Tinseltown days. And even though Spencer is missing from the snapshot, the crystal lover was indeed at this City of Angels outing. GANG COMPLETE.

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    The erstwhile Teen Vogue employees linked up backstage at Taylor Swift's concert this summer -- and while it's unclear if they busted a move to "Shake It Off" (PLEASE?!) or shared their current thoughts on the names Tiff and Chriss, the duo looks like they haven't missed a beat since their amusing chats in the garment closet office.

  5. The Whitney Eve designer was the only main cast member NOT to visit Sin City during her MTV days (unreal, right?) -- but a familiar "Hills" face just happened to be in the neck of the woods at the now Mrs. Rosenman's first bachelorette bash. Hopefully, the DJ played "Unwritten" or "Top of the World" for the Whitney-themed festivities.

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    These two may have gotten off on the wrong foot (refresher: "It's f**king on, bitch!"), but the girls could not have looked any chummier during a recent event hosted by the mother of three. JB, who?