Sicily’s Mount Etna Eruption Is Hands-Down The Coolest Blow-Up Of 2015

An Italian photographer even caught the "dirty thunderstorm" on film.

Sicily's Mount Etna, the tallest active volcano in Europe, erupted for the first time in two years on Thursday (Dec. 3), shooting lava and ash high into the sky for 50 minutes of crazy beautiful natural phenomena that you'll want to stare at for hours.

like, damn.

The Washington Post reports that the eruption, coming from Etna's Voragine crater, "was among the most violent eruptions from the volcano in the past two decades." Even NASA could see the eruption from space, adding that the volcano shot ash and lava as far as three kilometers above the summit.

Marco Restivo, a photographer from Sicily, also captured the "dirty thunderstorm" that occurred mid-eruption, which scientists say is due to bits of rock, ash and ice colliding and generating electrical charges. And that lightning is hot, burning at 50,000 degrees fahrenheit (like 25 times hotter than lava) according to Washington Post.

So, yeah, it's literally 2fire.
But it's not all fire, lava and Disney Villain ballad-inspiring explosions since the post-blow clean-up, naturally, had to begin as soon as the dust settled. At least we have the cool "before" pics!

You can watch the full videos from the BBC from Barcroft TV.