Drake's Instagram

How Musicians Took Instagram To The Next Level This Year

From song teasers to album announcements...

Everyone knows you can't start the day without checking Instagram, opening the app bleary-eyed and hazy before even getting out of bed.

That's not a PR statement -- that's the truth. Ask any of your friends, and they'll tell you that Insta is the first thing they scroll through in the morning. I feel like our favorite artists know this -- because, hello, they probably do the same thing -- and used it to their advantage this year, dropping some of the biggest news on Instagram and using it to tease their music. They know how to get our attention.

Instagram sent MTV News their top seven music trends of 2015, so let's take a look at this year's biggest moments.

  1. Miley Cyrus' #InstaPride Campaign

    Miley Cyrus turned Instagram into a pro-social vessel for change when she debuted her own photographs featuring the transgender and gender expansive community. The people featured on the #InstaPride campaign got to tell their own stories to a whole new audience, and made us more aware of the stuff other people go through.

  2. ? ? ?

    The ? emoji flooded Instagram when Drake and Future revealed their collaborated mixtape, What A Time To Be Alive. The duo announced their joint project in September, showing off their artwork on @Champagnepapi's account. Minutes later, everyone was seeing diamonds, and you can still go back an see the remnants of it.


    Prince rejoined Instagram in October and things got pretty meta after that. The legendary rocker kept posting memes of himself like this one.

  4. #HotlineBling

    We all couldn't wait for Drake's "Hotline Bling" video to drop, so when this teaser hit Instagram, we got antsy for the Oct. 19 release date. Giving us a little taste of his now viral dance moves was the perfect way to get everyone talking about the video before it even dropped. Nice move, Drake -- in more ways than one.

  5. 25 Artwork

    Adele launched a big one at us when she revealed the exclusive first look at the 25 artwork on Instagram. After all, Adele was never on Instagram before this fall, and for her to join the social network just to give us the precisely eyelined close-up was a huge deal.

  6. Purpose Artwork

    Justin Bieber also debuted his artwork on Insta, but not so abruptly. The "Sorry" singer carefully placed each tile of his album cover with nine different posts, so when you clicked on his profile, Purpose took over the full page.

  7. A Head Full of Dreams clips

    Coldplay gave fans teasers of every song on their just-released album A Head Full Of Dreams, using their kaleidoscope imagery for every 15-second clip they posted.