Ja Rule's Wedding Anniversary Was Utterly Unforgettable -- Thanks To His Kids

The 'Follow the Rules' crew made their parents feel extra-special on the annual occasion.

Wedding anniversaries are a no-doubt important occasion -- and Ja Rule and wife Aisha have their children to thank for an extra-special celebration.

During tonight's "Follow The Rules" finale, the rapper's kids (Brittney, Jeffrey Jr. and Jordy) pressured their parents into letting them tag along on their anniversary ski trip (even though it was supposed to be adults only). After spending most of the vacation taking up all their folks' time, energy and hot tubs (for real, they hogged the warm spots) the trio of young'uns felt a bit guilty about their behavior. So they decided to take matters into their own hands and do something extraordinary for their mom and dad: a surprise home-cooked supper, with some romantic details.

"We prepared you guys a nice lil anniversary dinner...to show the appreciation and the love that we have for y'all," Brittney told the visibly shocked couple. "We wanted to do something nice for crampin' ya'll's style so much." Ja and Aisha's reactions were utterly heartwarming -- and you absolutely need to see them for yourself:

What's the sweetest gift you ever gave your parents? Tell us in the comments below -- and don't forget you can binge "Follow The Rules" and get your fill of the fam anytime!