Drake Meets Blink-182 In This Life-Changing 'Hotline Blink' Mashup

The mashup of your dreams.

There are defining moments in every young person's life: leaving home, falling in love, experiencing heartbreak. There are also the times when, as a 5th grader, you listened to Enema Of The State on repeat (sorry, Mom), and even the very first time you saw Drake in a turtleneck (#blessed).

But enough about me. Mashup producer extraordinaire Dr. Brixx has gone and created the hip-hop-meets-pop-punk-nostalgia video of our dreams, the aptly titled "Hotline Blink." In the (un)surprisingly catchy hybrid, touching teen suicide anthem "Adam's Song" meets the bold cha-cha beat of "Hotline Bling," dad dance moves included. The result? Trust us, you'll want to watch again and again and again.

What a time to be alive, kids.