You Say It's Your Birthday: Thompson Twins/Babble's Tom Bailey

Today is the 42nd birthday of Thompson Twins and Babble

vocalist/keyboardist Tom Bailey. Bailey's work with the Thompson Twins

produced some of new wave's biggest hits, with such songs as "Lies,"

"Doctor! Doctor!" and "Hold Me Now" all hitting big on the pop charts. Born

and raised in Halifax, England, Bailey aspired to be a classical pianist

before meeting up with drummer Joe Leeway at a teacher's college in

Cheshire, England, in 1977. With Leeway working behind the scenes, Bailey

formed an early incarnation of the Thompson Twins (which had neither a

Thompson nor any twins in its lineup) with three other members. The group

toured England and released an album before Bailey reformed the group by

moving Leeway onstage and adding his girlfriend Allannah Currie in 1982.

The group recorded In The Name Of Love in 1982, and everyone but

Bailey, Currie and Leeway left the group after the album was released.

Side Kicks was released in 1983, and the modest chart-success of

"Love On Your Side" and "Lies" helped pave the way for their breakthrough

album, 1984's Into The Gap. The group's most successful album, it

spawned hits in the form of the #3-charting "Hold Me Now" and the

#11-charting "Doctor! Doctor!" Their follow-up, Here's To Future

Days, included more pop moments such as "King For A Day," which reached

#8, and "Lay Your Hands On Me," which peaked at #6. Leeway left the group

in 1986, and the remaining duo released three more albums, 1987's Close

To The Bone, 1989's Big Trash and 1991's Queer to little

notice from critics and fans. In 1994, Bailey and Currie released The

Stone under the moniker Babble. An album filled with ambient tracks,

it failed to hit the pop or club charts in America.

Other birthdays: Bobby Goldsboro, 57, and Bob Rosenberg (Will To Power), 39.