Best Thing Ever of the Day: What Are The Chances Destiel Will Be Canon?

I Think I'm Gonna Like it Here - SPN season 9 preview

by Katherine Erlikh

Hi there. Are you an avid Destiel shipper? Are you hoping Dean Winchester and Castiel will just get on with it and kiss already? Do you wield your pen and paper to bring them together, again and again in most tragically fluffy ways possible? No? Okay, then this is probably not the post for you. However, if you are part of the navy that sails Destiel across the seven seas, this will probably be interesting for you. Here's a very unscientific statistical analysis of "Supernatural" fans and their outlook on the future of Destiel in season 9. Interested? Read on to learn all about it!

Tumblr user x-cetera performed this small experiment, and, while the sample size is far too small to be considered scientifically accurate, it is scientific enough to be interesting, and there's pie charts involved. The below charts display a selection of the responses provided by the subjects of the informal study, and contrasts them with the ages, sexual orientations and tendency to prefer canon or slash ships. There is also a helpful chart predicting when the majority of people think Destiel will become canon, and, more importantly whether it will become canon. For more insights, you should check out the original tumblr post.