The Daily Geek: CSI Gotham, Thor and Need For Speed Trailers, and Get In Loser, We're Going to Mars

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by Katherine Erlikh

Welcome to the Daily Geek! Have your towels handy, it's going to be a bumpy ride!

Breaking news, dear readers - there is going to be a police drama set in pre-Batman Gotham and centered around Commissioner Gordon, and it's going to be... we don't actually know what it's going to be like, so we won't waste space on unnecessary superlatives, but we will tell you what we know so far - it's been greenlit. The announcement accidentally happened to arrive a little while after the MTV Splashpage team fancasted a theoretical "Gotham Central" TV series.

In other, completely unrelated news, we now suspect the MTV Splashpage team to be moderately gifted with fortune-telling abilities, and implore them to tweet the next week's lotto numbers at us.

If you're looking for five good reasons to watch this show that was only greenlit like, yesterday, we have them. All five of them. You're welcome.


If you are a fan of "Bloodshot and the HARD Corps", you'll want to check out this interview with co-author Christos Gage. There's pretty pictures too, if you're not fond of reading. Of course, if you're not fond of reading, then why are you reading this... now?

In case you missed it, we're trying out a new thing on MTV Geek, and by "we" we mainly mean "a random and unfortunate supervillain" and by "thing" we mean "weekly geek art roundup or something". Do you, your friends, family members, next door neighbors or the cat from down the hall have amazing artistic abilities and a deep love for nerd art? Send us links to their work; we're generally found on Twitter.

Also, while we're here, can we just take a moment to talk about how intensely brilliant and awesome and flawless Felicia Day is, because she is totally all of those things and more. Also, here's a thing about her in Forbes. It's worth a read even if you're one of those people who doesn't like reading. We're still not sure what you're doing here if you are, there's not nearly enough pretty pictures to retain you as a captive audience.


Did you know there's going to be a "Need for Speed" movie? Did you know there's a new trailer? If there isn't at least one variation of the main protagonist's car that has hot pink rims, dragons on the hood and a neon green spoiler like mine had, and if there isn't a sequence where the car just slowly starts rotating in midair and starts changing features, I will be sorely disappointed.

Another movie with a new trailer out is "Thor: The Dark World" which has been releasing trailers faster than Destiel shippers have been releasing gifsets of Dean and Castiel staring into each other's eyes from within the bowels of the "Supernatural" fandom. You can watch it here... the trailer that is. Do you really need links to those gifsets? We'd share them with you, but we're too busy reblogging them to do that. #SorryNotSorry

Just how much money would have Marvel made if it released the "Agents of SHIELD" pilot as a movie? Apparently, a lot. That Skye chick is seriously annoying though - I personally would pay $99 million just to never hear her speak again.

If you are quite done sobbing because of some things related to fireflies and serenities, there's a new sheriff in town. Actually, there's a new sheriff on the planet. That's right, the CW are making a space western with a tough, bamf lady sheriff, and it's set in the first colony on Mars. Sexy.


That covers things for today, everyone! So long, and thanks for all the fish!