Geek Art Wednesday: Dragons, Loki, and Sleepy Hollow

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by Katherine Erlikh

We're kind of going to try a new thing here today - a weekly post dedicated to awesome, geeky artwork, because I find way too much of it and half of it never gets the attention it deserves. So,  sit back, relax, and let your eyeballs be caressed by stunning visuals and pretty drawings.


The above  fantastic beasts were found on Tumblr. They are the work of Francesca Wellborn, and are part of a series of beasts inspired by semi-precious jewels.


This one is a photo from Dinah Fried's "Famous Meals from Literature" photo series. "Alice in Wonderland" is clearly the best!


It seems that recently, Pokelock (Pokemon and Sherlock crossover) has become a new thing. This fanart shows John Watson with Arcanine and was posted by aiwa-sensei on Tumblr.


And, oh, look. It's Daenerys, the mother of dragons herself, in living color. This is a painting done by DeviantArt user Paul Renaud. Dragons are awesome.


This Lady Loki art nouveau piece by Deviantart user SoaringAmber needs to get into my art print collection sometime yesterday. I am throwing money at the screen but nothing is happening, why?


Bloodseeker from DOTA 2 by Deviantart user doneplay. Isn't it so dynamic?


If you haven't started watching FOX's "Sleepy Hollow" yet, you need to start. It's so good. Ichabod is so sassy, I love him. Also, the above fanart for the show? Also good. It's by DeviantArt user EdenBenton and also needs to join my art print collection. Like, now. Thanks.

That's about it for this week - if you see good stuff, send it our way!


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