The Daily Geek: Mad About Supernatural and Other News

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by Katherine Erlikh

Oh look. "Agents of SHIELD" has come, disappointed and gone. Let's talk about "Supernatural". Welcome to the Daily Geek.

First order of business is this gifset of Sam and Dean Winchester Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles reacting to a photo of Osric Chau dressed up like "Adventure Time" character Princess Bubblegum. This is really important news and you should not miss it under any circumstances.

Also, if you've heard a vicious rumor going around that Misha Collins will be on this season of "Hannibal" as a special guest star... it's probably not true. Probably. Who knows what angels get up to at night?

Also, if you're freaking out about yesterday's casting news, this spoilerific bit of meta will probably make you feel at peace. However, it is spoilerific, so click at your own risk.


This promo poster for season 9 hints at a dark and feels-torturing road ahead for the Winchesters. Poor Winchesters. Poor our feels. Poor us. Ow. Ow. Ow. My heart.

And while we're talking about promos, let's talk about this new promo video featuring Crowley and Castiel. It seems the CW have taken to releasing them on Tuesdays. And, oh, the new season now airs on Tuesdays. What a wonderful idea. I don't think anything bad has ever happened to the boys on a Tuesday. Also, is this a bad time to announce that I live a Crowley appreciation life?

Tumblr likes to solve mysteries, and yet another mystery has been solved - the mystery of Sam and Dean's invincibility. It's all in the shirts. The plaid shirts. Dead men don't wear plaid. Can we just swathe Felicia Day in plaid for the entirety of season 9?


The November 2013 cover of "Empire" magazine features a really BAMF Hawkeye Katniss... and Peeta. Peeta is in this picture somewhere. We're not sure where. Can you find Peeta?

There will be more "Firefly" things, but not quite in the way you expected. Still, better than nothing, right?

We will be seeing a grand total of zero mutants on "Agents of SHIELD", because of reasons that are uninteresting and unimpressive. Let's instead talk about Lola. Can the show revolve around Coulson and his car?

This just in: The Ninth Doctor is poised to steal the villainous limelight of villainy from Loki himself in the new Thor movie. We can't wait.


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