Delve Into the Secrets Of 'Locke & Key' Unlocked, Part 1


'Locke & Key' has almost wound its way to a close at IDW and we've got series creators Joe Hill and Gabriel Rodriguez - as well as editor Chris Ryall - on hand to explain some of the mysteries of the long-running comic as it goes out with a bang - and be warned, there's major spoilers for the series so far. And don't miss Part 2!

Watch: "Locke & Key Unlocked, Part 1

The series follows a family reeling from a recent tragedy who move into the Keyhouse--a mysterious structure which is home to a collection of mystical keys sought by an evil entity which will stop at nothing to get them. Hill co-created the five-year-old series with artist Gabriel Rodriguez. The series will come to a close on October 30th with the release of 'Locke & Key: Alpha #2'.

"Locke & Key" is currently in development as a feature film at Universal. You can check out more about the series at IDW's mini-site.