Does This Facebook Pic Prove Megan Fox Is Playing Boba Fett In 'Star Wars VII'?


In the long history of celebs teasing their upcoming roles on Facebook, from Simon Pegg as Ant-Man (debunked!) to Vin Diesel as Groot (hasn't been bunked either way yet), here's a doozy: is Megan Fox playing Boba Fett in 'Star Wars VII'?


According to this pic the Transformers star posted on Facebook with the tagline, "Jealous?" all signs point to definitely, absolutely, 100% yes. The big questions, of course, are:

- How did Boba Fett escape from the Sarlacc Pit?

- Will Fox also play Fett in the rumored origin story/prequel?

- At what point will someone say, "That guy is good. Real good," and then Boba takes off "his" helmet and shakes down his hair and he's actually been a girl the whole time?

...Or alternately she could just have bought some sort of Boba Fett picture. But probably not, she's probably playing Boba Fett.

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