Geek Tweet Recap: Your Daily Dose of Tribbles, Bad Puns, and Paso Dobles

JB, Eugene, Stan Lee

Image belongs to John Barrowman News (@Team_Barrowman)

By Amber Lena

Welcome to the Geek Tweet Recap, where we bring you the best Tweets from your favorite geek actors and personalities from the last 24 hours. 

Nathan Fillion live tweeted Castle and made a Serenity reference. Browncoats suddenly appeared from thin air.

So apparently Roxy Richter sits around shirtless and doesn't reply to her emails. Actually, that isn't that surprising after all.

George Takei continued to make terrible, horrible puns on a daily basis. They're absolutely amazing.

We're really glad we're not the only ones who thought this. Well done, Mark Gatiss. Now we're going to sit back while the campaign to put Mark Gatiss in the next Star Trek film suddenly springs out of nowhere.

Markus Persson said what has been on the minds of all Half-Life fans, because someone had to do it.

Bill Nye was on Dancing With the Stars and performed a paso doble. We're not sure how we can possibly make that sentence any more awesome.

Anna Kendrick tweeted an Instagram pic of her chair on the Into the Woods set. Cue excited squealing and much flailing from all the theatre and fairy tale nerds out there.

Here, have a picture of Stan Lee, John Barrowman, and Eugene Son, one of the writers from Ultimate Spider-Man. We're pretty jealous right now.

Zachary Quinto maked an adorable Star Trek pun, was generally adorable with all of his adorableness.

And that's what you missed yesterday on Twitter. Check back tomorrow for more geek tweet updates!

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