Who Would Win In A Crime-Fighting Fight, Robocop or Judge Dredd? 'Dredd's Producer Has The Answer


Producer Adi Shankar helped bring Judge Dredd back to the big screen last year with "Dredd 3D" and this comic super fan and filmmaker has been out there creating "bootleg films" featuring gritty takes on popular comic characters. So who does he think would be best suited to cleaning up crime in the world's toughest cities?

His answer might surprise you.

Responding to a question via Quora, Shankar weighed on on which of the two characters would make the most effective crime fighter, giving Omni Consumer Products' Robocop the edge. The cyborg beats out the clone judge thanks to his resistance to pain and capability for upgrades (remember when he got a jetpack and rocket launcher installed?).

Even though Dredd has been taking down criminals in Mega City One for over four decades now, with his youth sustained by a rejuvenating serum, Robocop's ability to effectively exist in perpetuity with maintenance makes him the better cop for crime-ravaged Detroit.

Dredd does, however, possess one advantage, according to Shankar:

"Dredd would be most effective against a metahuman/extraterrestrial/demonic/demi-god since in theory he has an army of judges at his disposal and has proven himself against demons (Judge Death). Dredd would also be most effective against the crazy serial killer criminal, since a. most of his rogue gallery consists of borderline psychopaths and b. his moral compass and demeanor is in a similar vein of the likes of Frank Castle aka The Punisher, Bruce Wayne aka Batman, and Eddie Brock aka Venom."

I'd also add it's not often someone can hijack Dredd's OS, as regrettably happened to Officer Murphy in the second Robocop.

Shankar also has some fightin' words about the new Robocop, in case you were wondering:

"However, if we are referring to the new Robocop from the film due out in Feb 2014 then Judge Dredd would destroy him. I would elaborate but I don’t feel that I need to because I would argue that the Muppets (any of them), Tommy the green Power Ranger, or a random henchman or henchwoman from the laugh worthy Total Recall reboot could kick the new Robocop’s ass as well."

"Robocop" returns with February's reboot starring Joel Kinnaman ("The Killing"). This week, "Dredd" received a comic sequel from publisher 2000AD.