From Joss Whedon, To Cosplay, Here’s Five Ways the 2013 Emmys Could’ve Been Way Geekier

Last night was the 65th Emmy Awards. While there was plenty of nerd royalty in attendance at the Emmys, the show lacked any real defining geek moments (Although the James Cromwell fun fact–that he was the only person to say the phrase ’star trek’ on the show–was totally awesome). We’ve come up with five ways the show could have been geekier and therefore way better:

1. Felicia Day instead of Sarah Silverman

The sudden song and dance number in the middle of the show helped make up for the rather lackluster opening, but it still didn’t reach it’s full nerdy potential. While we’re all for a Doctor Horrible and Captain Hammer reunion, it was really missing a good dose of Penny.

Just imagine what the Sing-a-long Blog Reunion would’ve looked like while you watch the original clip here:

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