Geek Tweet Recap: A Cowboy, an Emmy, and a Wrecking Ball Walk Into a Bar


Image belongs to Misha Collins (@mishacollins)

Welcome one and all to the Geek Tweet Recap! We're bringing you the best Tweets from your favorite geek actors, writers, and media personalities from this past weekend.


Wil Wheaton gave the most accurate review of Grand Theft Auto V yet:

 Misha Collins headed to Dallas with the rest of the Supernatural cast to soak up the local flavor. Lookin' good, Misha.


HBO's Game of Thrones celebration may have been a little preemptive, but we dig the use of gif:


Oh look, Nathan Fillion tried to pretend like he wasn't going to make a surprise cameo at the Emmys. You're a funny one, Captain Hammer. Loved the dance number with Doctor Horrible.


Morena Baccarin looked so fabulous at the Emmys that we can almost forgive the typo. Almost.


Tom Felton had a birthday over the weekend. His thank you tweet got more likes than I will get birthday wishes over the course of my entire life.


Her Universe had a birthday! Fashionable geek girls everywhere joined the celebration, including Bonnie Burton:


This just in, Professor Snape watches Breaking Bad.

New AU head canon? Absolutely.


Amanda Abbington watched Miley Cyrus' 'Wrecking Ball' video. Hilarity ensued.


And that's what you missed this weekend in the world of Geek Tweets! Be sure to check back tomorrow for more great pictures, news, and hilarity from the geek world in 140 characters or less.


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