Check Out This TIMECRIMES Vinyl Soundtrack Reveal, Available At Fantastic Fest! [EXCLUSIVE]


By: Kevin Kelly

The Alamo Drafthouse-hosted, genre-mashup film festival known as Fantastic Fest is in full swing today, bringing action, science fiction, horror, foreign, and way left of center films to adventurous attendees in Austin, Texas. Even though it’s the first day, we’ve already been treated to people vomiting blood, a bizarre twist on Japanese tentacle porn, and lots of gratuitous nudity. All par for the course for this fan-fueled movie spectacle.

Festival favorite Spanish director Nacho Vigalondo premiered his time-bending film Timecrimes here in 2007, which quickly became a festival favorite thanks in no small part to the wacky and lovable antics of the director himself. He is here in attendance himself, and the film will be screening as part of Fantastic Fest yet again, and an awesome, limited-edition vinyl of the soundtrack produced in partnership with Mondo will be available for purchase at the screening, and at a later date for fans online.


Composer and writer Brian Satterwhite collaborated with Mondo on the vinyl project: "Timecrimes has been hailed by critics and audiences alike as one of the best time-travel films of our time. Much of the film's success relies heavily upon Eugenio Mira's masterful score. His minimalistic approach maximizes the subtle tones and nuances of the narrative with surgical precision while adding a highly refined layer of polish to this high-concept science-fiction thriller.”

The soundtrack will be made available on black 180 gram vinyl, and randomly inserted milky yellow/clear vinyl. It will be available for purchase at the Fantastic Fest screening of Timecrimes on September 26, and will be for sale online in the future, so follow @MondoNews for updates.