The Daily Geek: Lady Sif Is An Earthbender, Peggy Carter May Get Own TV Show, And Bayonetta The Anime

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by Katherine Erlikh

It's Friday, and we've all mysteriously and magically managed to survive until the weekend again. That's a relief, isn't it? Here's your Daily Geek for today!

We've got ourselves yet another "Thor: The Dark World" poster to look at, this one featuring Lady Sif. Lady Sif is a BAMF of the highest order, and, judging by this poster, may or may not have learned basic earthbending. We don't know until we see the movie, but that's my guess.

While we're talking about the Avengers and what they're up to, let's talk about the new "Captain America: Winter Soldier" movie. Specifically, let's talk about that part where there's been a new website launched for it, and how it offers us a sneak peek at the music that will be used in the movie.

Fans of Peggy Carter will be excited to hear that Marvel may or may not planning to make a TV series about the lady. It could work, right? Something in the 1950s, spy stuff, Commies, ancient eldritch horrors disguised as Stepford housewives... it could work!


"Bayonetta", the videogame centered around the adventures of the most sexy librarian ever, will be made into a feature-length anime. This is exciting, because Bayonetta is awesome, but I would have liked to see a 3D movie instead of an anime.

Chocolate bars made specifically for the 50th Anniversary of "Doctor Who" exist, and have daleks all over the wrappers. Are these available in the US? They better be available in the US. You can't just show them to us and then not give them to us.

Also, if you're wondering why today's post is so short - it was Talk Like a Pirate Day yesterday, and everyone was way too busy making puns about rum and shivering timbers to actually do anything newsworthy. This is okay, though, because talking like a pirate is mandatory. If you missed out on it yesterday you should do it today to make up for it.

That's it, everyone! Back to your rum and back to your GTA V if you're still playing that. This concludes the Daily Geek for today!

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