Best Thing Ever of the Day: Supernatural Season 9 Premiere Photos

by Katherine Erlikh

Prepare yourself, winter the 9th season of CW’s “Supernatural” is coming, and we couldn’t be more excited. Naturally, the promotions have kicked in – we’ve got the season 8 bloopers, teasers, promo videos, tweets, VanCon 2013 panels in gif and mp4 format… and photos. Lots of photos. However, it’s tough if you’re trying to stay spoiler-free – the spoilers are all over Reddit, Tumblr, 4Chan and my mum’s newsfeed (I’m not kidding, she’s like Satan or something). I know things that mortals were not meant to know – which is why today’s best thing ever of the day are spoiler-free ish photos of the “Supernatural” season 9 premiere. You can behold these without dying of forbidden knowledge – but if you wanted to see the full spoilerific set, it’s over here.

By the way, the Hot New Angelâ„¢ is my favorite… but where’s my precious baby? And by “precious baby” I mean Castiel, of course.

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