Geek Tweet Recap: Werewolves, Whedon, And Shirtless Amell Wednesdays


Image belongs to Stephen Amell (@amellywood)

By Amber Lena

Welcome to the daily Geek Tweet Recap. We're bringing you the best in nerdy celebrity tweets, including behind-the-scenes pictures and your favorite actors prove that they're human, too, in 140 characters or less.

Sebastian Roché is just as excited for his upcoming film, Wer, as we are! Vampire, werewolf, angel... is there anything this man cannot play?

Apparently there are people out there who actually don't know Jewel Staite's name. We are not okay with this.

Wil Wheaton told Chris Hardwick that he listens to Night Vale. Wil Wheaton. Listens to Night Vale. This is hugely important, we promise.

Neil Gaiman was given the best life advice ever after making the mistake of reading the comments. Never read the comments, Neil.

Lana Parilla teased all the Oncers out there who are eagerly awaiting the premiere of season 3:

While over at the CW, Stephen Amell gave us a picture of him actually wearing a shirt:

You work that leather, Stephen.

Not to be outdone, little cousin Robbie Amell also tweeted a behind-the-scenes photo that made us actually have to click another link. Rookie move, but worth the extra effort.

Incidentally, we find this Amell Wednesdays thing to be awesome and are hoping that shirts will be optional.

Nina Dobrev just wants us to be happy, y'all:

The King of Hell tweeted a Supernatural teaser video in which he is badass. You should probably watch it:

And we leave you with this:

Joss Whedon, ladies and gentlemen!