Geek Tweet Recap: Cookie Wookies, Gandalf/Captain Picard Hit The Town, And More!


Image belongs to Sir Picard Patrick Stewart (@SirPatStew)

By Amber Lena

Welcome one and all to our daily Geek Tweet Recap, where we bring you the best tweets from your favorite Geek celebs and personalities each day. From the awesome to the absurd, here's what you missed in the Twittersphere on September 17, 2013.

George Take summed up our college years:

Wil Wheaton really likes burritos:

Katee Sackhoff continued to torture us slowly about the possibility of her being in an upcoming Marvel film. Come on, Captain Marvel!

  Nathan Fillion reminded us that even celebrities fanboy:

Gail Simone revealed that she's just as much of an obsessive collector as the rest of us, proving that having 40k Twitter followers doesn't make you any less of a dweeb. Thank goodness.

Look! Gandalf and Picard visited the top of the Empire State Building together:

Apparently someone named Paty Kerry released a song entitled "Dark Horse". Our pals over at Dark Horse Comics showed their good sense of humor:

Jared Padalecki is cute when he's confused:

Jane Espenson is amazingly humble and amazing and promised us more Mr. Gold in Once Upon a Time. We approve of this message:

Popular geek artist, Megan Lara, proposeed Hannibal art in a tweet to show writer, Bryan Fuller. Fannibals everywhere immediately began flailing:

That concludes our Geek Tweet highlights for Tuesday! Check back tomorrow for the latest and greatest in the nerd world in 140 characters or less. In the meantime, feel free to join us in praying to every known deity that Katee Sackhoff gets cast as Captain Marvel. And then enjoy a delicious burrito.