Best Thing Ever Of The Day: BBC Sherlock Action Figures are Coming!!!


About seven months back, the popular BBC "Sherlock" fansite Sherlockology posted photos of work-in-progress BBC "Sherlock" action figures from Big Chief Studios. The chaos and mayhem and screeching died down for a while, but now... it's back. You know why? It's because the action figures are very nearly here!

Not too long ago, Sherlockology tweeted a sneak peek at the painted prototypes of the action figures. Aaaaaand.... I kind of was expecting something more special. Maybe it's the photo, but it feels as if the figures are less lifelike now that they've been painted. Oh well, I still desire one (or both) very much.

There is no current release date for the 1:6th scale Sherlock Holmes and John Watson on the calendar; however the fact that we are seeing them hints at it being in the very, very near future. Also, John evidently does not know how to hold a cup.