Top 13 Elvira Tattoos To Celebrate 25th Anniversary

Like with the people who cosplay as Elvira, you’d think it’d be the same tattoo over and over – but it’s not. Some people have gone far outside the box to make sure their ink take on the Mistress of the Dark is unique to their skin and their skin only. So to celebrate the 25th anniversary of one of the best and most well-loved cult classics, here are 13 people who decided Elvira was the perfect tattoo subject.

13. (Small) Leg Up On the Competition

Tattoo Donkey
You can kind of see that this one’s done nicely.

12. Not Finished, But Approved

Freak Show Project
If Elvira herself approves of herself as a Jem character, guess we do too.

11. Them Eyes

Tattoo Donkey
She looks like she’s ready to let out a long, “Braaaaaains…”

10. Land of the Rising Sun

This fan looks like they had a Japanese inspiration.

9. Signed, Sealed, Delivered

Legend of the Crafter 13
Let’s hope they never break up, that’s always the worst part after getting a name tattooed. Wait, are they even dating?

8. Realism Ready

Rich Pined A Tattoos
It’s like you’re looking at a photograph, spooky.

7. Monster High

Little girls everywhere think this is the newest doll in local toy stores.

6. Home Alone

Deviant Art
We like the sketch book look to this one, you?

5. Feeling Batty

Pics To Pin
She’s got her little friends keeping her company.

4. Screams of Joy

Fotolog, Fotolog
It’s hard to associate her with the dark when she’s so darn bright.

3. Picture Perfect

Pics To Pin
There’s the dark we all know and love!

2. Religious Experience

Holy smokes, that’s a good one.

1. No Bones About It

Tattoo Afterlife
Even the skeleton is impressed with this one.

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