DC's We Can Be Heroes Charity Campaign Adds Lynda Carter Experience, Exclusive Covers


DC Entertainment is offering donors everything from the chance to hang out with "Wonder Woman" star Lynda Carter to limited "Justice League" covers in their crowdsourced campaign to stomp out hunger.

The six-week campaign, which launches today at the We Can Be Heroes Indiegogo page, offers donors themed perks for their contributions to the effort to combat hunger in the horn of Africa. DC launched the campaign last year, providing donations to a trio of humanitarian aid groups working in Ethiopia, Somalia and Kenya: Save the Children, Mercy Corps, and International Rescue Committee.

This year's first of six phases is centered on the Justice League. For instance, in week two, one perk will be the opportunity to hang out with Lynda Carter, while week three will offer up a special, advanced screening of a season 2 episode of the CW's "Arrow."

Here are the full six phases of the campaign:

  • Week of September 17th: Justice League
  • Week of September 24th: Wonder Woman
  • Week of October 1st: Green Lantern / Green Arrow
  • Week of October 8th: The Flash / Aquaman / Cyborg
  • Week of October 15th: Batman / Superman
  • Week of October 22nd: Justice League

MTV Geek is proud to present this variant "Forever Evil" #1 cover which is being offered to donors.


Here are some of the other perks detailed by DC:

2 NYCC Passes & VIP Lunch: Your final shot at SOLD OUT tickets to NYCC with VIP treatment like lunch with creators Dan Didio and Bob Harras – don’t miss out.

Forever Evil Lithograph: Decorate those bare walls with the Forever Evil Lithograph – available only through We Can Be Heroes.

Forever Evil #1 3D Variant: These are just cool. Forever Evil Variant with 3D lenticular covers signed by Geoff Johns.

Signed "Justice League: Crisis on 2 Earths": Get your signed Justice League: Crisis on Two Earths while there are still any left!

If you want to support We Can Be Heroes, head over to the Indiegogo campaign page and get to it.