The Daily Geek: GTA V, BBC Atlantis And Other Things

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Oh look, it's a Tuesday, and "Grand Theft Auto V" has come out. Let's do the Daily Geek quickly today, so we can all go back to either playing it or being tortured by wild, rabid and whimsical trickster gods.

To start with, there was a "Grand Theft Auto V" livestream going on last night, and if you missed it you totally suck. It's like, fantastic or something. You could always check the hashtags on Twitter to weep over the great things you missed out on.

GTA V only came out like five minutes ago, but is already being hailed as "the greatest GTA game ever, of all time" because the internet really likes its superlatives.

Also, guys, if you install the stuff on the second GTA disc onto your Xbox 360, you're gonna have a bad time. So, don't do this, okay? My newsfeed on Facebook is filled with tales of geniuses who did exactly that and are now suffering because of it. Okay? Okay.


BBC "Atlantis" have released new photos of the show's cast, which has been greatly shrouded in mystery. I'm sorry, can we talk about these outfits? First we've got "Game of Thrones" and Dany being a strong and independent Khaleesi with her pretty gowns and leather outfits, and now we've got BBC "Atlantis" and these gorgeous dresses? We would like to report a strong desire to run away to a fantasy world where we may wear fancy gowns all we like.

A new petition has taken flight like a black swan into the air at the mention of free chalupas, and it's calling for Jim Michaels to come to AHBL5, a convention in Australia. If you are in Australia and want Jim Michaels to do things at cons in your country, or just wish to support our kangaroo allies, this is the petition you wish to sign.

While we're talking about signing things... go sign this petition. We need a Loki movie like we need air, water, and Led Zeppelin. Get on it. NOW.

Also, it's national Aerospace Week over at NASA and you should celebrate that, because knowledge is awesome. Imagine if you had to fly in an airplane that sucked, or something? That would be so not fetch, you know? Learn more about aerospace stuff over at the NASA blog.


Breaking news, everyone - in season 2 premiere of "Arrow" the protagonists will be searching for a villain that is really biased against shirts. Or, at least, that's what we've gathered from looking at the promotional posters.

Peter Davison, formerly the Fifth Doctor on "Doctor Who", has confirmed that he will indeed be appearing in the legendary 50th Anniversary episode of the show. Of course, these could just be more cruel lies perpetrated by the BBC and Steven Moffat, but who knows?

It has been thirty years now since "Dungeons & Dragons" was a cartoon on TV. What do you know, time flies! This time 30 years ago, I was an egg cell, or maybe possibly an egg roll. I'm actually not quite sure. Where were you 30 years ago on this day?

While we're speaking of "Dungeons & Dragons" let's talk about how fantastic "Lords of the Waterdeep" is, okay?


Zombie enthusiasts, this news is just for you - "The Walking Dead" is getting a spinoff show, because 2013 is the year of the spinoff on the modern Chinese Zodiac calendar. This is important, because spinoffs. No word yet on whether "Game of Thrones" will be getting a spinoff.

Also, it has been announced that total babe Rosita Espinosa was cast for Season 4 of "The Walking Dead". She's gorgeous, and here's a long and spoilerific explanation of whom she will be playing. Don't click on that link if you don't want spoilers. Yeah, sure, she was in "Twilight" but if we hated people for being in "Twilight", well... we'd have to hate a lot of people. Too much work. Hate takes effort. Apathy is preferable.

If you were bummed that there would be no more Nolan "Batman" movies, you'll be reassured to know that a 7-minute long fanmade movie has made its way onto the internet. It picks up about a year after the last movie, and stuff happens.

That's all for today folks! Off you go to play "GTA V", I have work to do... and by "work", I mean "sewing pretty dresses so I can pretend to be a princess while I play GTA V".