Top 13 Elvira Cosplay To Celebrate 25th Anniversary

Get your little black dresses ready because we’re heading to Elvira town. Yes, dressing as the Mistress of the Dark looks easy, but it’s more than a slinky black dress, large black hair and a ton, a ton, of cleavage. Who knew 25 years after the release of Elvira: Mistress of the Dark that she’d still be some people’s number one choice when it came to dress up time? No one, but most are glad she is because it’s not just a sexy outfit, it’s one badass chick.

13. Couch for Comfort

Bad Haven
Oh, we see what you’re going for.

12. Puppy Dog Eyes

She looks like Elvira and a Powerpuff Girl had a baby.

11. Professional Pizzazz

Studio 33 Chattanooga
We’re 99% sure she’s Elvira and not just in the middle of a random photo shoot.

10. Elvira and Pals

Geek World Radio
A girl’s gotta have her posse.

9. Who Me?

Mapquest Directi
Yes you with that perfect contouring on your face!

8. Elvira in Space

UK Cosplay
Where’s that movie when you need it?

7. Mega Con Beauty

Comic Book Movie
Adding a bit of color to the usual all black ensembles paid off.

6. Having a Ball

Deviant Art
Predicting the future are we?

5. Algonquin!

Finally someone showed the pup some love too.

4. Startled at a Con

Showing off that fine piece of jewelry.

3. Simple & Sweet

Sometimes it’s the simplest ones that win us over.

2. Strike a Pose

AC Paradise
A photo shoot complete with all the signature looks.

1. Mistress and her Mini Me

Macabre Drive-In Theater
Who’s who here?