Fan Film Brings The Red Hood To Post-'Dark Knight Rises' Gotham


Writer Woody Tondorf and director Brett Register see more superhero and supervillain escalation in Gotham's future one year after the events of Christopher Nolan's Bat-trilogy.

And it's grim.

The short sees Gotham's crime bosses carving up the city in the wake of Batman's "death," and one masked vigilante who wants to stop them, introducing one-time Bat-sidekick Jason Todd to Gotham as the Red Hood. While the Red Hood doesn't exactly make sense without the context of a lot of torturous (and weird) backstory involving Lazarus pits, punching the walls of reality, and wearing a domino mask under your motorcycle helmet.

Tondorf and Register were sure to add quite a few little shoutouts--both big and small--to DC Comics continuity, as well as one character reveal involving Team Unicorn member Chloe Dykstra that might rival the "Robin" reveal in how out of left field it is.

Machinima also sent over a collection of character cards, detailing some of the familiar (and not-so-familiar) personalities revealed in "The Dark Knight Legacy."