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by Katherine Erlikh

Turn on your text to voice apps or widgets. Close your eyes. Let my words wash over you. You are safe now. You are listening to the Daily Geek, and here's everything you missed last weekend.

Recent study reports that Tom Hiddleston is, indeed, an absolutely flawless human being - and by "recent study" we mean "that supermegafoxyawesomehot three-hour Twitter Q&A he did last weekend" of course! Hiddleston has confirmed a number of things, such as his continued scientifically improbable yet entirely proven perfection, his good taste in literature, and his cunning linguist abilities (he speaks French, a little bit of Spanish, and Elizabethan?) and tore the souls of a thousand million fans to shreds by just being his glorious self.

While we're talking about Loki and his utter, flawless, incomprehensible perfection... go sign this petition. We need a Loki movie. Get on it. NOW.

The most awesome intern ever, Darcy, will be back for "Thor: The Dark World", sources reveal. Fortuitously, the source happens to be none other than Kat Dennings herself. She says that there will be glorious things in store for Darcy, but won't say what, because spoilers. Here's hoping she gets an advanced and far more violent arsenal of weaponry at her disposal this time around! After all, what's the purpose of interns if you can't just have them malevolently hover behind you, armed and ready for besting demigods in battle?


Apparently, the ships that are going to sail in the next "Captain America" movie are going to be strange. Really, really strange. If they're going to go with the ships I remember from my childhood days of idolizing Black Widow because she was a strong, beautiful Russian woman, I expect Tumblr to be confused, conflicted and suffering greatly when the movie comes out. For the record, my favorite Black Widow ships are with Loki and with Wolverine.

If you're going to NewYork Comic Con, and have $50 to spare, you could be the proud owner of this replica SHIELD badge. It's exclusive to the con, and grants you all the powers of a SHIELD agent. I have a mighty need of this, customized with Dean Winchester's photo and the name "Dennis DeYoung".

Also, here, have more "Agents of SHIELD" behind the scenes photos. You're going to need them. You're going to need a lot of them. Perhaps all of them. Just go get them now.


In case your excitement over the "Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them" spinoff hasn't died down yet, here's more fuel to add to your fire - a list of Harry Potter characters that could, potentially, end up being in the new movie. Oh, the excitement.

It has been announced that the "look and feel" of the new movie will be similar to the look and feel of the original "Harry Potter" movies; however viewers should anticipate some differences because the movie will be set in the 1920s. We're hoping that when they say "differences" they really mean "flapper witches". #TeamFlapperWitches

Neville Longbottom Matthew Lewis aka the man Chuck Norris dreams of being, will be taking the lead in a mysterious yet important and vaguely menacing BBC project. No word yet on whether the project will be a half hour long episode of Lewis explaining how to transform from a dork to a total hottie. Someone's mastered the puberty spell! Now,t his is just pure speculation on my part, but I suspect that Lewis might be taking part in the BBC1 fantasy show "Atlantis", which is set to take the place of "Merlin" since that show's aired its last season earlier this year.


JJ Abrams was highly disappointed with the "Star Trek" tie-in game, which was pronounced to be completely and totally awful by all of humanity. Apparently, he expected it to not suck.

Speaking of the fellow, JJ Abrams will not be directing the next installment of the "Star Trek" reboot, because he'll be too busy directing the seventh "Star Wars" movie. Or, because he's so disgusted with the quality of the tie-in game, that he never ever wants to touch "Star Trek" again ever. We're pretty sure it's the "Star Wars" thing, though.

There is a very large chance that the world will be seeing a great deal of zeppelins in the near future. This makes me happy, because there's a chance that Led Zeppelin might come back into vogue, and all I want in life is to take a ride on a zeppelin high above Manhattan while listening to Led Zeppelin. Okay? Okay. This probably won't be possible, as zeppelins would primarily be used for cargo shipping, but I can dream, right?


Harry Shum Jr, also known as "that fellow from that show where people dance a lot" wants to be Nightwing. Well... why not, right?

Also, this whole thing where Justin Bieber might be Robin in the "Batman vs Superman" movie could end up being a joke. We didn't actually check further than this because the concept is terrifying.

Also, Mark Wahlberg wants everyone to LEAVE BATFLECK ALONE.


In speedier news, Grant Gustin will be playing the Flash on season two of CW's "Arrow". No word yet if I'm going to need to update my browser's plugins in order to watch the TV this season.

Casting news continues with news of Jane McGrath joining the cast of "Game of Thrones" for the next season. No word yet on whom she is playing, but the skies are already filled with speculation.

Bits and pieces of "Grand Theft Auto V" source code may or may not have been leaked; code shows that the game will be available on PS4 and PC. No one knows if it's actually for real or not, so we'll have to stop, wait and speculate.


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