Best Thing Ever of the Day: Really Cool Night Vale Fanart


by Katherine Erlikh

Okay, guys, I know, I know, new "Harry Potter" movie. We get it. But we need to take a deep breath, and sit back down and wrap ourselves in our official "Harry Potter" towels because this is going to take some time to make, and it's not like it's coming out tomorrow anyway. Relax. There are other fandoms for you to freak out about... like, oh, "Welcome to Night Vale". And oh, this fanart. Have you seen it? No? Well, you're about to, because it is flawless.

This fanart was done by Tumblr user Viria and is totally awesome. While it is accepted generally that Carlos (you know, the scientist) is probably Hispanic, no one actually knows what Cecil Baldwin looks like. Everyone has their own headcanon on everything about his appearance, from the color of his hair and his ethnicity to how many tentacles he may have instead of essential human organs. Really, we can't tell, that's the beauty of Night Vale.



That's all for this Thursday; let's hope for a moderately peaceful Friday!