Top 5 Webcomics You Missed This Week: A Birth In 'Puck,' 'Smash' In Print, And More!

Top 5 Webcomics You Missed This Week!

We start and end this week's webcomics list with fairies, who bookend two newbie superheroes and a small lizard that kicks Scottish tail!

Samhain Night

5. Samhain Night: Through the Valley!

Peggy von Burkleo wanted to create a manga based around Celtic myths. The result is the dark faerie tale Samhain Night. Although it's only a couple years old, there's already an intimidating-looking set of archives, so her starting a new chapter this week makes for a good jumping-on point for new readers!

Grrl Power

4. Grrl Power: Flight of Bumbling Sydney!

Sydney got her superpowers when she came across some strange orbs. She was quickly tracked down by the government and recruited for a newly announced super-powered task force. In the midst the press conference, though, Maxima took her out for a much-needed test drive. (Seriously, David Barrack, I get the story need for it, but that press conference was way long!)


3. Sheldon: Flaco wins the Highland Games!

C'mon, the Highland Games have tons of comedy material pretty much at the ready, but having a small lizard dress as a Scot and actually win is comedy gold! Kudos to Dave Kellett!


2. Smash: Now in print!

Chris and Kyle Bolton's Smash is kind of an odd inclusion here in that it hasn't actually been running as a webcomic for quite some time. Their story about a normal kid that gets superpowers accidentally is pretty charming, and got picked up for print publication early on in the story's life online. They've spent a decent amount of time completing the story and re-working parts for print, and the book was finally released this week from Candlewick Press. Congrats, guys!


1. Puck: Birth!

I think Puck has been in labor the entire time I've been reading ElectricGecko's webcomic about the 600-some year old fairy who got bored and went to college. She's finally had the child this week, but reader won't actually see it until next week's 200th strip. Regardless, it's almost certain more people will get hurt!