Hey Harry Potter! Here Are 6 Other Franchises Ripe For A Spinoff

Harry and Voldemort fight in the Battlements. (SC346)

With the announcement of a new, Harry-less "Harry Potter" film, we got to thinking: what other series that could use some (potentially needless, but totally crazy) spinoffs? Whether it's seeing who cleans up The Avengers' garbage or making a mystery out of one lovestruck werewolf's missing shirt, here are six properties that would make six fun spinoffs.


"The Hunger Games: Peeta's Kitchen Nightmare"

This is Peeta after the end of "Mockingjay," to be clear. And for fans of the novels, that's... a difficult version of the character. But in this film, we'd see the baker's son whip up tasty concoctions while also dealing with horrifying PTSD--and romance with a foxy new chef from District 11.


"Transformers: Dinobots!"

Since details of its script leaked earlier this year, the Dinobots are thought to be a major part of Michael Bay's reboot of the the "Transformers" franchise. If true, we'd love to see Grimlock and the gang thrash and smash some Decepticon heads.


"Twilight: The Quest For Jacob's Shirt"

It's the "Dude, Where's My Car" of the "Twilight" franchise, as lovestruck werewolf Jacob wakes up one morning to find that his one and only shirt is missing--the day before his first big job interview! Is he being pranked by Edward, or perhaps it's part of some crazy plot involving the sinister Volturi? Or maybe, just maybe, he tore it to shreds with his teeth the night before. Find out in "The Quest for Jacob's Shirt!"


"The Avengers: Damage Control!"

After the aliens hit New York, who's going to clean it up?

The beloved Marvel series about the people who clean up the messes caused by super-powered battles comes to the big screen. Contractors! Construction bills! Hard hats, and the thrilling world of zoning regulations will never feel more exciting than when seen through the eyes of the regular men and women of the Marvel U.


"Final Destination: Dead Tired"

Ever wonder how Death sets up the elaborate means of killing the unfortunates in the "Final Destination" series? What better way to reinvigorate the franchise than by showing the origins of the beleaguered harbinger of doom as he sets about figuring out how to--in the most complicated way possible--kill a hapless teen using a stray leaf, a bag of candy corn, and the color purple.


X-Men: Second Class

Is it a story about flying coach in the Marvel Universe? No! It's a tale of Morlocks and the humans who love 'em. In this 80's-set story, the Morlocks are tired of being the ugly mutants that you can't take home to your mom, so they're bursting out of the sewers and causing some ruckus, led by the leather jacket wearing Callisto. But it's up to gentle mutants Leech and Artie to keep their friends from being targeted by mean ol' Bolivar Trask and his mutant-mashing Sentinels.