Best Thing Ever of the Day: Matt Smith's Doppelganger


This just in, folks - an alternate universe version of the 11th Doctor has been stranded in our universe with a non-functional TARDIS, and has decided that the best way to spend his time until his time machine is fixed is... cosplaying himself. There really is no other explanation for it, unless you're going by that good old "there's seven people in the world that look exactly alike for no good reason" thing - and hey, I'm sure that's true sometimes, I know a lovely fellow who looks exactly like Tom Hiddleston, height and all, but come on, guys - after Doomsday, I don't trust any person who looks exactly like the Doctor to be anything but the Doctor. Nope, nope, not at all.

The cosplayer in question is known as Matt Elliott (yeah, good work there with that new alias, Doc), and is virtually identical to the alien, eyebrow-less, incomprehensibly good looking being that is Matt Smith. I've picked out a handful of really awesome photos from his FB fan page - however, you should visit it immediately, like, and just like infinitely scroll through his photos for like, ever. Okay, now, you're going to also follow his twitter and... umm, yeah I'm just... going to leave these... here...





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