BigBadRobot’s Fan Prints Celebrate Geekdom With Style

All images: BIGBADROBOT/Michael Rogers

The fan prints of BIGBADROBOT (aka artist Michael Rogers) are pretty terrific salutes to the heroes (and villains) of TV, film, and games.

Rogers’ work relies on a lot of silhouettes to to evoke the characters or properties in his prints, whether it’s Matt Smith’s very recognizable noggin from “Doctor Who” or “The Walking Dead” badass Daryl Dixon leaning back on his motorcycle.

The most involved of these (and alternately interesting/not quite as successful) is his “OldBoy” print, based on the Park Chan-Wook film. While striking, it lacks the simplicity of the other images and attempts to conjure up too many signifiers from the Korean cult classic.

You can check out more of Rogers’ work in his Etsy shop.