Set Tables To Tilt: Stern Announces Pinball Tables Based On 'Star Trek' Reboot


Stern Pinball announces two tables available based on 2009's "Star Trek" and its sequel, this year's "Star Trek: Into Darkness."

Warning: trailer slightly spoils "Star Trek: Into Darkness"

The new tables will have three variants: Stern is releasing a Pro, Premium, and Limited Edition models of the new tables, featuring details from the film like the U.S.S. Vengeance. The tables will include the usual types of challenges and skill shots, with six missions for casual players to bump up their score and 18, more difficult missions for advanced players. The centerpiece mission is to destroy the Vengeance, which was featured in "Star Trek: Into Darkness."

Stern boasts that the new tables are the first to feature all-LED lighting, with eight LED-lit paths creating routes to the game's three flippers.

These are the latest licensed tables from Stern, one of the last companies making these kind of film and TV-to-pinball tables in the world. Most recently, they created new tables based on the X-Men, and before that, the developer teamed up with Disney to create tables based on "TRON: Legacy."

You can find out more about their newest tables on the Stern Pinball site.

The Pro version: $5,395



The Premium version: $7,495


The Limited Edition: $8,795


"Star Trek: Into Darkness" is on DVD and Blu-ray today.

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