The Daily Geek: Loki Movie, Superman VS Batman And Ziva Is Leaving NCIS

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by Katherine Erlikh

It's Wednesday, and listening to Night Vale while I'm writing this is probably not a good idea. Here's your Daily Geek report for today!

To start things off, Cote de Pablo will be departing from "NCIS" and nearly everyone is heartbroken because Ziva is awesome. She's been on the show for 8 seasons. Reports say she will be replaced by a character named Bishop, who has yet to be cast.

Some more "Agents of SHIELD" clips have made their way into the great wild world, and they're awesome. You need to see them. At this rate, if they keep releasing clips, we're going to have the whole first season in bits and pieces before the thing even airs... not that I'm complaining. That would be awesome.

In related news, if you are uncertain which TV show you should start watching this season, you should probably consult this chart here. It's very informative. Trust it.


The poster and name of the upcoming "Doctor Who" 50th anniversary special have been announced by the Powers That Are The BBC. It has a David Tennant on it, are you excited? His hair looks a little tinged with red in that photo... did the Doctor finally resort to hair dye?  Also, you can read the whole press release from the BBC on the subject if it strikes your fancy; it comes with handy quotations from professional heart-shatterer Steven Moffat, amongst others.

In case you were worried about the aliens coming, don't be! We Earthlings are going to build one handy-dandy, snazzy charging sattelite, and put it in space so visiting extraterrestrials will be able to conveniently charge their iPhones.

Oh, look, the 221B set is being taken apart because filming for BBC "Sherlock" is over. We hope this is a sign that "Sherlock" will soon be aired. It shall not be touched again until two years have passed, to allow the new generation of Sherlockians time to properly stew in the crazy.


The stream of groovy "Batman vs Superman" fanart has been dying down to a trickle lately; however, this wallpaper by DeviantArt user McNealy is totally awesome and you should admire it for a few minutes. ADMIRE IT.

Disney will be releasing the "Ant-Man" movie on the same day as Warner Brothers will be releasing the "Batman vs Superman" movie. This is happening in 2015, so it's a ways away. There is no word yet on how in the world Marvel can ever hope to get people interested in an Ant-Man movie. Perhaps if they put Loki in it? That would work, right?

Had the destruction of Metropolis in "Man of Steel" been real, it would have resulted in approximately two billion trillion dollars worth of damage. Or something like that. Look, I'm a blogger. I'm not good with numbers, and there's way too many zeros in that infographic.

While we're talking about "Batman vs Superman", let's also mention that "300", "Watchmen" and "Sucker Punch" cinematographer Larry Fong will be working on this movie. It's either going to be fantastic, or a giant, steaming, yucky turducken.

Also, a man in the Philippines has been undergoing plastic surgery since the mid-1990s, all with the goal of looking exactly like Superman.


At last, the armies have decided to speak out - the Loki fans want a Loki movie, about Loki, with Loki in it. Lots of Loki. LOKI. LOKI. LOKI. ALL HAIL KING LOKI. I mean... Loki. Marvel could probably put out a two hour video of Tom Hiddleston dressed as Loki, reading the Yellow Pages in character, and it would take number one in the cinemas.

Are female superheroes underdressed? Probably... maybe so... yes?

We are never, ever getting back together with Harry Potter, because there will really never be another "Harry Potter" book. Do you even really want one?

Daniel Radcliffe is one horny individual... literally. Check out this clip from the "Horns" movie, with Daniel sporting horns on his head. There are many jokes I could end this entry with, but they're mostly all inappropriate.

This concludes the Daily Geek for today. Should you find any cracks in your wall, do not attempt to poke them with your finger; they may lead to other universes.