Experience The Backwoods Melodrama of This 'The Heart, She Holler' Clip [EXCLUSIVE]


Hurshe (Amy Sedaris) tells a rather explicit tale of first love in this clip from the season two premiere of Adult Swim's "The Heart, She Holler."

Watch: The Heart, She Holler" Ep. 2.01 Clip

The clip is from "Begend the Endginning," which airs tonight at 12:30 AM ET on Adult Swim. For those of you who've missed Sedaris as the oversharing Jeri Blank, her role as Hurshe will allow you to remember those uncomfortable and exciting "Strangers With Candy" days. Here, she alternately tells an incredibly personal story and potentially inspires brother Hurlan (Patton Oswalt) toward an act of violence.