Best Thing Ever Of The Day: Lord Of The Rings Fanart


The lake of Kheled-zaram by the foothills of Khazad-dum is full of stars. It is said that at any time of day or night, you can see the universe, stars and galaxies, when you look into its depths. It is deep and bottomless, an abyss of beauty. And now, there's fanart of it.

I have previously squealed loudly, laughed, cried and puked a little over megatruh's Loki fanart last week or so. Today, I'm going to sit here in awe, because this fanart of Durin the Deathless arriving at Mirrormere (known as Kheled-Zaram) is absolutely stunning. It really captures the exact images I saw in my mind's eye when reading of Kheled-Zaram. Totally awesome stuff.