Best Thing Ever of the Day: Supernatural By Numbers

Supernatural by Numbers

by Katherine Erlikh

Have you ever noticed that Sam Winchester says "So, get this" like, a hundred times? We're wagering that you've never actually counted those times. Well, someone out there actually did - and so much more than that. I hope you like pie charts, bar graphs and data, because today's best thing ever is all about CW's "Supernatural"... and statistics.

Tumblr user writingspeaks compiled a series of charts of repeating themes, phrases and occurrences that appeared in seasons 1-8 of "Supernatural". Now you can finally lord over others that you know exactly which percentage of Sam Winchester's hookups have died afterwards, how many times Wendigos are mentioned, and how many times Castiel must have had to replace Dean Winchester's liver, based on Dean's alcohol consumption through the series... okay, maybe not the last one, but you know, it's implied. There's no way in hell he could have survived this far into the series without at least three full liver replacements. Happy Monday!