10 Steps To Make A 'Captain Marvel' Movie


The internet is all abuzz about the possibility of a Marvel produced, Katee Sackhoff starring 'Captain Marvel' movie... And over at MTV Geek, we're pretty giddy about the possibility, too. The thing is, though... We want this thing to get made. So here's our ten steps for making a 'Captain Marvel' movie:

1. Hire A Screenwriter: Not even necessarily to write a script, but at least an outline, or a treatment - something that would help flesh out the plot of the movie.

2. Hire A Director: This is important, and we're jumping ahead a bit, but once you get into production, you'll want someone to coordinate behind the scenes. That guy (or girl!) is called a "Director."

3. Rent Production Space: You'll need somewhere for the Screenwriter to work on the script/treatment, and the Director to start working on directing things... For that, you'll DEFINITELY need a production space.

3. Cast Some Actors: Honestly, this can happen pretty fluidly in the process, but you'll need some people to read the dialogue the screenwriter is putting on paper. That reminds us:

4. Buy Some Paper: This is pretty important, there's a lot of paper that will get used on set.

5. Scout Locations: You have to film somewhere, right? These are the locations you're shooting in, and you'll have to check them out first - don't want to show up somewhere and be like, "Hey, this isn't what I expected LOL."

6. Shoot The Movie: A crucial part of making a movie is to capture the action on either film or digital video. This way, people will be able to see what the actors you cast did in the locations you scouted, later.

7. Edit It! No one wants to watch hours and hours of repeat takes and unedited footage in the theater - that's what the Unedited DVD is for. I think.

8. Make A Movie Poster: You want people to know the movie is coming soon, and for that, you'll need a movie poster. You can also make billboards, and some TV ads, but only if you want.

9. Release The Movie In Movie Theaters: Finally, people will be able to see all the hard work you did making this movie! Buy some popcorn, kick back, and enjoy!

10. ...Actually, I guess that's it, there's really only 9 steps to making a movie.

So there you go! With that all laid down, we should be getting a Captain Marvel movie any day now.