The Daily Geek: What You Missed Last Weekend

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It's somehow Monday again! Here is a roundup of all the things you may have missed while you were too busy watching football last weekend.

 Firstly and most importantly, we may be getting a reboot of the "Stargate" franchise. This is important, because I really love "Stargate" and want everyone to know about this. There is not enough appreciation on Tumblr for a giant wormhole to anywhere, is all I'm saying. Alternate universes. Time travel. Mirror realities. Aliens. Lots of aliens. You could end up on Gallifrey. Angels and demons are extraterrestrials, right? I bet Mycroft knows all about the Stargate program... okay, okay, I'll stop now, but do you see how much potential a "Stargate" reboot could bring to the fandoms? If done right, it could easily join the Superwhovengepotterlock amalgamation and tie in seamlessly because almost anything is possible! Reports say that while Roland Emmerich is indeed considering a three-part film reboot of "Stargate" and possibly a sequel or something to the series, the original actors would not be returning. This news makes me both excited and apprehensive, because "Stargate" was one of my first fandoms. There is no word yet on what the movies would be about; I suspect the first would be a redo of the original "Stargate" movie from 1994, the second might center around the formation of SG-1 and maybe an abridged version of some of their exploits, and the third would be focused on finding Atlantis. That's just my guess, though... oh, right, too early in the morning for this. Here, have a "Stargate" omelet.

Making a Wonder Woman movie is akin to finding a Hufflepuff - seemingly impossible. However, here are six ways that you could, potentially, possibly, maybe, kinda, sorta make a Wonder Woman movie. Maybe one that doesn't even suck... hey, it's at least bound to be better than the last handful of Wonder Woman movies... right?

Oh, hey, remember how Blueberry Pumpkinpatch Benedict Cumberbatch dropped out of "Crimson Peak" because he wanted to do things that aren't "Crimson Peak"? Well, he's been replaced by the OTHER default big-name smooth-talking fancy-named British fellow everyone's in love with, Tom Hiddleston. Seriously, can we just cross their DNA (I refuse to say "breed" because I've seen fics like that and that's just creepy) and create a new actor master race? ...oh wait that happened in "Star Trek", didn't it. NEVERMIND BAD IDEA.


Ooh, maps of the "Night Vale" metropolis, sign me up! These came out about a month ago but the majority of the internet only realized they existed like... yesterday? Fantastic, high-quality maps by cryingmanlytears on Tumblr. These maps are very handy if you're planning a trip down to Night Vale - but only if all the landmarks actually stay still in a fixed position... there's no guarantee someone won't accidentally... move something.

Are you ready for "Grand Theft Auto V" and these other fall gaming blockbusters? Time to check out MTV Multiplayer's fall favorites list, and prepare yourself for the avalanche of new releases that is coming.

There is one thing that the Freedom of Information Act is good for, and that's... getting "Doctor Who" 50th anniversary spoilers? Umm... okay, not what we expected, but we'll roll with it. Seriously, though - this link comes with a MAJOR spoilers tag, so don't say we didn't warn you!!

In related news, Tom Baker, the fourth Doctor, has an ebook of his autobiography available on Amazon now, so you might want to get on that if tales of wibbly-wobbly exploits are what you seek.


Talk about confusion and crossover potential - "Star Wars" mainstay R2D2 was recently sighted in the latest "Star Trek" movie, which came out on DVD and Blu-Ray not too long ago. Easter eggs! This is the second thing that the franchises now share - director JJ Abrams is the first.

A new trailer for "The Walking Dead" was released. It features zombies and a voiceover of a woman begging for help. Season 4 is coming soon, and excitement levels are at an all-time high. But, there's going to be zombies in it for sure, right?

Of course, the BBC is up to no good as always, and has released a new trailer for a historical drama that will premiere on BBC1 this autumn, "Atlantis". It will be replacing fan favorite "Merlin", which had ended earlier this year after a five-season run. In case my essay on "Stargate" up there in the beginning of the post flew right by you, and you didn't deduce it yet... I LOVE ATLANTIS ANYTHING. So, I'm very excited for this show and have high expectations of it.

We now know whom Mark Gatiss, devourer of hope and professional serial killer writer will be playing on "Game of Thrones" in its upcoming fourth season. Click here for a spoilerific reveal of whom he's going to be playing. If you'd rather not know whom he will be, then don't click on it.


Have you always wanted to pretend that you're Tony Stark, but don't have the money, engineering know-how, awesome cars or really BAMF secretary? Well, if you have an iPhone (or iPad, or iRack or iWhatever), you could have JARVIS! Isn't it fantastic news? ...oh wait I have a Nokia. I'm going to go plan my conquest of this puny mortal realm now, goodbye.

This hard-to-find obscure Japanese snack has recently had a resurgence in popularity after being featured in the last Hayao Miyazaki film. It's just red bean jelly sandwiched between two slices of sweet sponge cake, but it's rather time consuming to make and most bakeries no longer make it. I don't like Hayao Miyazaki movies, but they sure do have pretty food.

Evanna Lynch is not interested in your ghostly business tonight, ghostly ghost thing.


Do you need an exclusive preview into the upcoming issue of "Batman" that's going to have Mr. Freeze in it? What a silly question. Of course you do.

Sir Patrick Stewart was married to Sunny Ozell in a ball pit this weekend. Sir Ian McKellen officiated the wedding. Everything was documented on social networking channels, as is most proper in the modern age. No word yet if it was a Middle Earth wedding. Also no word on whether Sir Patrick Stewart has unlocked the secret to immortality.

Also, Betty White made it into the Guiness Book of World Records as having the longest running acting and entertaining career of all actresses in all the world. She has yet to beat the record holder for both genders, who has a good ten years on her, but... don't bet against Betty White. Ever. You'll lose.


It's been huge news this weekend - there might possibly be a Captain Marvel movie, and Katee Sackhoff might be the lead. Sounds exciting, right? Well, in case it's not her, here are some excellent alternatives for the role.

Mystique is mutant and proud - this is why she will be mostly naked for the next "X-Men" movie, says Jennifer Lawrence. There are also going to be some psychedelic 1970s outfits; we were unable to confirm the presence of Bee Gees on the soundtrack, but for the sake of the BBC "Sherlock" fandom's tenuous grip on sanity, we hope not.

Hugh Jackman claims that the end for Wolverine's run with the X-Men is coming... soon. Very soon. This sounds ominous. I don't like ominous. I like Wolverine cutting stuff to shreds infinitely. Can we go back to that?

That's it for this weekend, everyone! Tune in tomorrow to find out what you've missed today!