Watch As Paul Giamatti Tries Very Hard Not To Confirm A 'Sinister Six' Spinoff


What does the future hold in store for the Rhino and the other villain(s) of "The Amazing Spider-Man 2?" Actor Paul Giamatti deftly attempts to sidestep questions about the increasingly likely spinoff.

Watch: Paul Giamatti Teases Rhino's "Sinister Six" Future

"I believe there's a lot of stage-setting for the next film," Giamatti tells MTV's Josh Horowitz during an interview at the Toronto International Film Festival. Giamatti was there promoting his new film, the JFK-assassination drama,"Parkland" and fielded a few questions about his "Amazing Spider-Man 2" character, small-time crook and would-be supervillain Aleksei Sytsevich AKA the Rhino.

Teasing "several villains," Giamatti says that "Amazing Spider-Man 2," will feature some baddies in the foreground and others in the background, laying the groundwork for the next movie. Now whether that is "The Amazing Spider-Man 3" or a standalone "Sinister Six" movie remains to be seen, but Sony hasn't been shy about revealing that Andrew Garfield's Spider-Man will be busy in his second outing under director Marc Webb.

"The Amazing Spider-Man 2" will be in theaters May 2, 2014.