Thanks To 'Brandon Bird's Astonishing World of Art,' You Too Can Look Like Christopher Walken


What are you doing this weekend? Yeah, well stop and hit the jump so you can make it 1000 times better. Thanks to artist Brandon Bird and his new activity book "Brand Bird's Astonishing World of Art," we've got actor Christopher Walken's face all ready for you to cut out and wear!

"Brandon Bird's Astonishing World of Art" is an activity book for adults, featuring many of Bird's pop culture-heavy illustrations including tributes to Nicolas Cage and "Law & Order: SVU." It has coloring projects, postcards, stickers, and full-color reproductions of Bird's art.

From the publisher:

At first, you may think Brandon Bird’s work consists of visual mash-ups. But look deeper and you’ll discover that Brandon’s creativity goes way beyond combining pop culture figures. His work takes familiar faces and puts them in totally unexpected situations that are both humorous and highly entertaining. Many people are familiar with the popular TV show Law & Order, but only Brandon Bird would think of SVU Valentines cards. Who knew that Michael Bay’s explosive good looks could make for such charming glamor shots? Brandon Bird, of course!

"Astonishing World of Art" is out now from Chronicle Books.

Brandon Bird's Christopher Walken mask (direct download)