Top TV Grandparents Of All Time


Moms, dads and secretaries aren’t the only ones who get a special day on the calendar. Grandparents do too! Some of the grandmas and grandpas out there might be the cause for nightmares, but most are likely the highlight of our lives thanks to their old-timey stories, the fact that they always have treats for us and they never cease to amaze when they remember your birthday and you get that crisp $5 bill. To celebrate their day, we’re counting down the top grandparents of all time that have graced our TV screens over the years.

13. Fry, Futurama



What’s better than your grandpa? Obviously being your own grandpa.

12. Grandpa Smurf, Smurfs


Deviant Art

Smurf smurf smurf smurf smurf – translated that means, well I don’t know because I’m not a Smurf, but it’s always nice to have an elderly blue guy around.

11. Adele, True Blood



She proves that if you’re kind enough in life, you’ll never be forgotten once you’re gone.

10. Samuel Campbell, Supernatural



A grandpa who hunts vampires…How is that not awesome?

9. Angel


Fan Forum

It’s wrong to put him near Samuel, but he’s legit the only GILF on the list. You know, grandpa I’d like to…you get it.

8. Grandpa Lou, Rugrats



You know why this guy makes the list, because when Rugrats did their All Growed Up special and you thought they went there and killed him off, you cried. Admit it.

7. Doctor Who



My grandpa is a time lord and I’m his companion, no big deal. That’s what’d you’d say if you were Susan Foreman.

6. Endora, Bewitched


Muffy Bolding

You always have two grandmas, the one who’s awesome and the one’s who’s a super witch!

5. Cotton, King of the Hill


Animated TV

Speaking of witches, Cotton is the most stereotypical old person from his era. He’s a bit racist, quick with the wit and really into war stories. We miss you Cotton.

4. Abe Simpson, The Simpsons



We’ve known him so long, it’s like he’s our own grandpa.

3. Lucille Bluth, Arrested Development



This gif pretty much sums up why you’d want this booze hound as your grandma, or maybe not.

2. Grandpa, The Munsters


How Sweet It Was

Basically vampires are way awesome grandparents, at least according to this list. This guy’s just the right about of kooky and cool.

1. Phil & Pookie, Hey Arnold!



Grandma was insane to the point that Arnold should’ve had her committed and grandpa was a little off sometimes as well, but they went above and beyond their grandparent duties.

Happy Grandparents Day, gang!